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Female Congo Blind Spiny Eel with eggs.

3 Dec 2017

Took the opportunity to snap a few close-up while moving them to a larger tank.

You can see the eggs are rather large in size !

congo eel close up

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Gravid Female Congo Blind Spiny Eel Mastacembelus brichardi !

1 Dec 2017

I am super excited that one of my Congo Blind Spiny Eel is carrying eggs !!

gravid female congo eel

Here is a short clip.

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Mugilogobius rexi fm Sulawesi, Indonesia.

18 Nov 2017

Picked-up a few more gobies fm Iwarna farm. :)

M rexi

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My 2 new fishes fm Sarawak, East Malaysia.

17 Nov 2017

Received 2 new fishes fm a friend this afternoon.

Fish 1 - Encheloclarias sp. aka Bladefin Catfish. Not sure of the species ID but based on the origin, it is likely to be E. baculum or E. prolatus.

bladefin catfish

Fish 2 - Nagaichthys sp. In view of the caudal fin, I was told this is NOT Nagaichthys filipes.


Naga spineless eel

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Glossogobius flavipinnis fm Sulawesi, Indonesia.

11 Nov 2017

Besides B. butis, this is another micro-size predatory fish that I seek after.. really happy to pick up 2 specimens fm Iwarna farm today !


Oh ya.. also,  I saw these super attractive Coenobita perlatus aka strawberry hermit crab at the farm. :)
hermit crab

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