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My Cool looking Shark fm PNG.

12 Apr 2018

I have been seeing (online) this fish named as the “Papua Cat”.

Happy to see some landed in Singapore and were IDed by Dr. Heok Hee as Sciades / Neoarius leptaspis.

ZA papua cat FBz7I4A4796

ZA papua catFBz7I4A5017

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Acrochordonichthys rugosus aka Asian Banjo Catfish from Thailand.

6 Apr 2018

They landed this morning and in less than 12 hours… all went into my home aquarium ! YEAH !

ZA asian banjoFB7I4A4739

ZA asian banjoFB7I4A4717

ZA asian banjoFB7I4A4746

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27 Mar 2018

Now this is huge !

First ever landed and also first for me to see WILD caught Polypterus bichir bichir from Lake Turkana !

ZA turkana PBBFBIMG 8497

ZA Turkana PBBFBIMG 8495

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New cats fm THAT Aquarium (Yishun).

22 Mar 2018

I got myself 2 new catfishes today. I have no clue of their IDs, so decided to post their photos on Planetcatfish.com for advice. Conclusion… Mystus castaneus or Hemibagrus fortis. YEAH !

ZA Mystus castaneus FB7I4A4534

ZA Mystus castaneus PCFB7I4A4549

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Yellow Pterocryptis sp. Catfish fm Thailand.

17 Mar 2018

Today is a good day !

Lucky to bump into a pair of Pterocryptis sp. at JZX and they are later IDed as P. cochinchiensis based on the country of origin (Thailand).

ZA yellow catzpostFB7I4A4980

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