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My Hairy Puffer featured in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.

18 Jun 2018

Pao baileyi.

hairy puffer

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Closure of PredatoryFishKeepers.com VB Forum.

2 May 2018

Well, with a heavy heart I've decided to close this forum based discussion site today and diverted the URL (www.PredatoryFishKeepers.com) to PREDATORY FISH KEEPERS Facebook group.

ZAFB PFK forum page

Sad to let go of the history and data compiled over the last 8 years but I am happy to carry on the passion on a different platform !

zazzFB PFK group v17I4A3513

Do join us in this --> ALL-NEW PREDATORY FISH KEEPERS FB discussion group and continue to share / enjoy this great hobby !

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RARE IMPORT - Acanthicus sp. (L193) !

28 Apr 2018

Saw this species at JZX Pets Boutique today. They are NOT the usual Acanthicus adonis or Acanthicus hystrix that are commonly imported.

FBIMG 0128

FBIMG 0118

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Congo Blind Spiny Eel Mastacembelus brichardi - April 2018

22 Apr 2018

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Pick-up 2 new catfishes this afternoon.

14 Apr 2018

By chance I visited this LFS for the first time and saw a group of Asian catfishes that I have not seen before. I decided to pick up 2 specimens and were later IDed as Mystus singaringan.

ZA Mystus singaringan PCFB7I4A4986

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