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Congo Blind Spiny Eel baby born with eyes !

3 Mar 2020

An update of my Congo Spiny Eel sac fry (Mastacembelus brichardi) and found (realised after the photo shot) that they are born with eyes !

baby congo eel

baby congo eel I

baby congo eel III

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New pick-up - Hepsetus odoe aka African Pike.

26 Feb 2020

I was looking for Rope fish or African Bush fish for my African theme tank but ended up with a pair of pikes to comm with my bichirs.

Very cool oddball fish and I just realized there are other recognized species (recent discovery) under this family - Hepsetus kingsleyae, H. lineata, H. akawo & H. cuvieri.

Last kept was back in 2002/3.

African pike

African pike

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Congo Blind Spiny Eel ( Mastacembelus brichardi ) spawned.

24 Feb 2020

NOW this is HUGE !!!

Just when you least expect it …. I saw my male Congo Blind Spiny Eel (Mastacembelus brichardi) guarding some eggs !

Congo blind spiny eel spawn

congo blind spiny eel eggs


For more update --> Male Congo Blind Spiny Eel guarding eggs

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 March 2020 18:46

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Phractolaemus ansorgii are back !

15 Feb 2020

HALO ! Long time No see !!

Phractolaemus ansorgii - The hingemouth, African mudfish or locally some called it Blood fish.

Been awhile… 

blood fish

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wild caught Nigerian Polypterus senegalus.

15 Feb 2020

Chanced upon these wild caught Nigerian Polypterus senegalus at Clementi LFS today.

Decided to get some just to see how they fair as compared to those from Lake Turkana.

Senegalus I


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